Vector Logistics offers the knowledge and experience that distinguish our services through different training programs to pass the best techniques, methodologies and knowledge on to your personnel to achieve your goals in terms of International Commerce, Customs and International Logistics.

Customized Training

Starting from specific needs in your organization or business area we can develop together the training program that better allows you to achieve your goals in a fast and effective way.

We can also offer our training programs in the scheme that best fits your needs.

  • Technical training.
  • Standard Test.

By Delivery Method:

  • In-site.
  • Workshop.
  • Business seminars.
  • On-line / remote training.

Professional Teaching

Our instructors are professionals in their knowledge area with proven experience in the topics that they share through our training programs.


Your Logistics department certification in regards to International Commerce different areas provide your organization with tools and specific knowledge in the finest mexican legislation topics as well as control over the necessary processes and procedures to achieve your objectives.

Specialized Workshops

Some of the highest demand workshops that Vector Logistics offer are the following:

  • Trade and Non-Trade Regulations.
  • Appendix 24, IMMEX / Assembly.
  • Logistics Management Best Practices.


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